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The company is one of the reliable Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Laboratory Ultra Sonicator ,  has been designed using MOSFET/IGBT and latest Microcontroller base technology. Ultrasonic Bath  is used to fulfill all cleaning needs of the labs.

Ultrasonicator is used in QC, R&D and analytical labs, scientific and pharmaceutical labs. The use of ultrasonic offers gentle yet effective cleaning action ensuring that no contaminants are left from the previous process. Our professionals have achieved dexterity in manufacturing higher capacity and customized  ultrasonic bath manufacturer of machine . Further we provide customized production facility for our customers.

  • Cleaning the glass ware, Lab instruments.
  • Dissolve, disperse and emulsify samples.
  • Sonochemistry i.e. degassing the solution.
  • Degassing HPLC Samples.
  • Sonication
  • Use of Pulse Sweep Energy.
  • Fast solvent degassing and sample preparation
  • Time saving.
  • Provide best after sales service .
  • Reliable and Safe.

From ultrasonic cleaning lab plasticware and glassware to mixing and emulsifying samples, routine and critical laboratory equipment such as lenses, lab utensils, glass vessels, and lab plastic ware can all benefit from ultrasonic cleaning.  From the smallest units to the very highest capacity models Leela Electronics  has it all.Sonicator Bath products have a broad range of laboratory uses

 The Sonicator Bath Ultrasonic Cleaner is a microprocessor-controlled Indigenously designed & ultrasonic bath manufacturers . Higher capacity & custom made sizes are also available.  

Ultrasonic Power
Size ( L * W * H )
Capacity Lit.
LeelaSonic - 50
9” X 5.5” X 2.5”
LeelaSonic - 60
9” X 5.5” X 4”
LeelaSonic - 100
12” X 6” X 4”
LeelaSonic - 150
12” X 6” X 6”
LeelaSonic - 200
10” X 10” X 4”
LeelaSonic - 250
12” X 9” X 6”
LeelaSonic - 500
18” X 12” X 6”

Customize & higher Sizes other than above mentioned Models are also available as per customer requirements.

Detail Specifications : 

Electric Supply                 

: 170 - 245V, A.C, 50 Hz 1 phase.

Ultrasonic Power               

: As per Model  Watts average,

Ultrasonic Frequency        

: 40 KHZ or 33 +/- 3 KHz  any one Fixed Frequency

Ultrasonic Generator          

Micro Controller base Digital Timer .  With latest MOSFET / IGBT base technology, With Auto Degassing facility. Automatic frequency tuning for maximum output Modular generator for easier modification/servicing.


: Two Digit LED display 0 – 20 OR  90 minutes Timer with settable & On/ Off  keys.


: S.S sheathed cartridge type immersion heater approx. power  capacity 1000 / 1500 watts .Heater can easily be replaced.

Temperature Control         

: By Thermostat Blind type Maximum allowable Temp is 65°C Digital Temp/ Controller with two Digit LED Display with Up / Down settable  &  On / Off  Keys . Settable from Ambient Temp to 60 or 70 °C


: Protection to prevent overheating. Cleaner should automatically shut down in case of overheating.


: PZT Sandwich type, bonded on the base of S.S Tank, Crystal used of PZT4, of  High temp. & good quality wires for connection  & epoxy for bonding of transducers  are used.

Tank Clear Size                 

: As per Model 

Tank MOQ                         

: S.S 304 grade, 1.6mm thick &  buffed form inside

Tank Capacity                   

: As per Model.

Drain Valve                       

: 1/2" Ball Valve is provided for cleaning the tank

Tank Outer Dimension      

: As per Model.

Tank Housing MOQ           

: S.S 304 grade.


: SS Basket , SS Lid, Power Cord & Manual are Provided ( As per model)

A laboratory will require a ultra sonic bath system to ensure that items are completely clean and free from contaminants prior to each use. Any residue or debris left from previous processing could provide inaccurate and incorrect testing results. The use of delicate instruments in the laboratory makes sonic cleaning a perfect technology for cleaning and reprocessing. The gentle yet effective cleaning action ensures that contaminants are removed but instruments are not damaged.

Therefore in the last few years, ultrasonic lab ware cleaning and ultrasonic instrument cleaning have been gaining in popularity. LeelaSonic Ultrasonic cleaners are especially effective for removing chemical residues from complex parts with crevices, small openings, and joints.

In addition to cleaning validation, ultrasonic sonicator bath price  are used by chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories for solvent degassing and sample preparation. Ultrasonic  baths rapidly degas HPLC solvents. Agglomerated samples are dispersed and difficult to dissolve samples are solubilized in powerful Degassing Sonicatation Bath

Fro ultrasonic cleaning lab plastic ware and glassware cleaning , Ultrasonicator ( of sonication ) to mixing and emulsifying samples,

Routine and critical laboratory equipment such as lenses, lab utensils, glass vessels, and lab plasticware can all benefit from ultrasonic cleaning. From the smallest units to the very highest capacity models Leela Electronics has it all. LeelaSonic Ultrasonicator Bath , Degassing Sonicator have a broad range of laboratory uses as Laboratory Sonicator price , Scientific Sonicator ,

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