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Ultrasonic Cleaner Manufacturers in India

 We are the best manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaners in India. Leelasonic has developed cleaner for clean the industrial parts . No more hand and mechanical bruising is needed to remove foreign particles. It removes grease, hydraulic oil, rust grime , carbon, residual polymer from parts.

Wide range of frequency 25 kHz , 33 kHz, 40 kHz , 45 khz.

What is the best ultrasonic cleaner?

Ultrasound waves are the term used to describe waves having a frequency above the audible range of humans. Whenever high intensity ultrasound is applied to a liquid, the result is millions of millions of tiny bubbles in a liquid.

Cavitations is produced by the alternating high and low pressure waves generated by high frequency sound.

During the low pressure these bubbles grow from small size to big size. These compressed and implode known as cavitations. Whenever this happens at the interface of the parts to be cleaned, the surface of the parts. Ultrasound waves high frequency sound waves are used for cleaning processes with the help of cleaning solutions. This is called ultrasonic technology 

What can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner?

Multi Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Multi stage washing machines are very useful for precision cleaning of industrial parts. These machines are very effective to remove any foreign particles from parts. It removes oil , grease, dust from brass, stainless steel and aluminium parts

These multi stage cleaning machines also save the time of clean parts by 50 % and increase productivity.

Ultrasonic cleaning Equipment is a very safe and alternative to mechanical washing of parts. The advantage of these process is its replaces the toxic chemicals by biodegradable alkaline chemicals

Ultrasonic Mold Cleaner

mold cleaning machine

Why Ultrasonic Mould Cleaning ?

Thorough washing of plastic mould always is always a worry in industries. Most of the industries are still cleaning the mold by hand scrubbing with the help of solvent.

This cleaning method is time consuming, waste of manpower and still cleaning is not consistent and not up to the mark. Hence, we bring forth rubber mold cleaning equipments for industrial customers.

Leela Sonic offers mould cleaning systems in a number of configurations depending on your needs. The tank sizes are available from small tank to large tank. These machines are effective for cleaning of small molds to larger molds.

Ultrasonic automobile parts cleaners

ultrasonic parts cleaning machine

Leela sonic ultrasonic automotive parts cleaners like table top cleaners are used for auto shops. These cleaners remove grease, oil, and other lubricants from absorber parts, power steering parts, pistons, valves, fuel injectors and bearings.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines with multi chambers are used to remove grease, oil, and other lubricants from the engine parts.

PLC based automatic parts cleaning machines with parts handling systems are also available

Ultrasonic Filter Cleaner

ultrasonic filter cleaning machine

Leela sonic has developed filter cleaners for successful cleaning of filters. No more hand and mechanical brushing is needed to remove oil , dust from the filter. These machines are used for cleaning industrial filters, engine filters, aircraft filters and hydraulic filters.

Using Leela sonic cleaners you can thoroughly clean the filters. While cleaning filters in cleaners you will not have to disassemble filters. This will reduce your manpower in hours and the number of people required for the filter cleaning process. This will also increase the life of the filter.

For marine application , it can clean filters within minutes and also provides an alternative to using toxic cleaning agents. When filter cleaning marine inboard.

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

ultrasonic jewellery cleaner

How to use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner ?

Conventional cleaning of jewelry is done by scrubbing and soaking. It consumes a lot of time; it may not be done properly and also not possible to reach into crevices. These can only be cleaned by using our jewelry cleaner. Leela sonic professional ultrasonic machines offers a 100% safe method using ultrasound effect.

This digital jewelry washer is extensively used for cleaning jewelry, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, coins, watches straps and bands. Our cleaning machine is easy to use and extremely safe.

Ultrasonic PCB cleaner

ultrasonic pcb cleaning machine

Thorough cleaning of PCBs after soldering has been crucial. Previously printed circuits boards had been cleaned by rubbing with the help of the cleaning solution and brush.

We have developed PCB cleaners for successful washing of through hole PCB or SMD PCBs. Our PCB cleaner minimizes the use of hand and mechanical brushing. It removes flux , residue and oxides from the printed circuits boards.

Ultrasonic stencils cleaners

pcb stencils cleaners

Our stencil cleaning machine permits penetration of minute crevices to remove solder paste, flux or SMD adhesives. These machines are more efficient than spray washing or hand-wiping and without the use of harmful solvents or aggressive chemicals.

Tough enough for dried-on paste, gentle enough for fine pitch screens, stencils, and misprints.

Custom designed machine to accommodate any size stencil.

Custom designed stencil racks or parts baskets to match parts cleaning.

Digital timer and Digital temperature control.

Ultrasonic medical instrument cleaner

pcb stencils cleaners

We are one of the premier manufacturers , suppliers and exporters of ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner in Mumbai India. Our surgical instrument cleaner is used for cleaning all surgical instruments, endoscopic, suction tips, endotracheal tubes and sharp instruments. Moreover, it is possible to clean not accessible crevices and joints using medical instrument cleaner.

This instrument is very useful to remove the COVID 19. Corona virus from surgical instruments .

Sonication Bath

sonication bath

Leela sonic sonication bath used in pharma laboratories for solvent degassing and sample preparation. sonication bath rapidly degas HPLC solvents. Samples are dispersed and difficult to dissolve are soluble in powerful degassing sonicator bath .

The solution to the problem of out gassing is to remove the gas from the mobile phase solvents before they are used. Leela sonic sonicator bath is used to remove dissolved gases from the sample. It is also used for mixing.

Sonicator Bath With Chiller

ultrasonic bath sonicator with chiller

Powerful chillers bath  to keep the samples chilled.

Use for dissolve , disperse & emulsify samples.

Degassing the sample solution .

Application laboratory sonicator , scientific sonicator.

With the latest IGBT base technology.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Application

Aircraft maintenance machine parts

Hospital surgical instrument

Automobile engine parts  fuel injector break chain

Optical components

lapped, buffed polished

Moulds fuel injector break chain

Automobile engine parts  

Medical orthopedic implants

Ball Bearings cleaning

Wire drawing dies

Electronics  SMD & throw hole type PBC

Stencil maintenance

Laboratory Glassware, Pipette  

SS , brass , metal parts

Jewelry cleaning

Electro plating industries

Lenses, ophthalmic  , specs ckeaning  

Marine SS wire mesh filter

Maintenance - cleaning of electronic PCB  assemblies

Laboratory sonication degassing

mechanical assemblies , Engine parts

sonicator bath with chiller in pharma QC